Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Model train club refuses to apologise for photo showing members doing the Nazi salute and emulating Hitler's moustache

A model train club has come under fire for sharing a photo of its members appearing to do the Nazi salute - but they're adamant they've done nothing wrong.

The Greater Geelong Model Railway/Rail Club posted the photo to the group's Facebook page on Australia Day, showing 14 men and women with their arms outstretched.

Some of the members had their fingers across their upper lip, appearing to emulate Adolf Hitler's moustache.

But the group maintains that the post was 'just a bit of fun' and they have nothing to apologise for.

Mr Drew later told Daily Mail Australia the photo was taken out of context.

He claims the shot is a still image of people waving and the Facebook post was removed because 'no one looked at history before commenting on the photo'.

Mr Drew also told Daily Mail Australia the waving motion was a 'Hail Caesar' movement, in which early Romans would slap their chest and outstretch their arms chest-high.

Regardless, the page has since been deleted and a slew of posts referencing easily offended people were uploaded to Mr Drew's personal Facebook profile.

'I miss the good old days... When you could actually have an opinion without offending somebody,' one of the posts reads.

On the since-deleted post of the model railway club members, Mr Drew labelled his critics 'keyboard warriors'.'

The page, post and reference to Mr Drew as the page's administrator have since been deleted.


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Stan B said...

There was a line in the source about the Jewish Community being "traumatized" by this incident. I am so disappointed to hear that the Jews Community in Australia has become so weak as to be vulnerable to trauma simply by the existence of a photograph of what appear to be people behaving badly. I guess we should take up the cause on their behalf, because they obviously cannot handle life by themselves.