Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Hate Speech is OK at the University of California

Muslims trump Jews:

"The UCI Muslim Student Union endorses hate speech against Jews, and UCI administrators and local Jewish groups need to do a better job condemning it, according to a report released Tuesday by an independent community task force that investigated anti-Semitism at UCI.

"The acts of anti-Semitism are real and well-documented," according to the group's report. "Jewish students have been harassed. Hate speech has been unrelenting. There is no indication that the university is at all concerned about the disconnect between campus values and the values of the greater society."

Among the criticisms the group volleys at the university is that the faculty is afflicted with a "politically correct" orthodoxy that prevents it from condemning provocative speeches and actions at Muslim Student Union-sponsored events out of fear for appearing biased.


It must be all those Jewish suicide bombers who are the problem.