Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feminist Censorship

Feminists have no sense of humor in Australia either. Just look at the picture of the purse-lipped complainant above. A century ago she would have been a child-flogging nun:

"A billboard promoting a fitness centre featuring the bottom of a whip-wielding woman will be reviewed by the Advertising Standards Bureau. The bureau's communications manager Alison Abermethy said a number of complaints had been received about the Health Club @ Newmarket billboard at the Newmarket Memorial Hall on the corner of Enoggera Rd and Ashgrove Ave.

One of the complainants, Newmarket resident Virginia Druett, said she found the image, which is supported by the words "We'll whip you into shape", offensive. "To portray a woman as just the bottom part of the body is an insult to every woman in Australia," she said. Ms Druett said: ``Women have strived for centuries to be treated with respect and equality and this is just so demeaning. How this has passed through censorship just amazes me.''

The advertisement was designed by a female director of the Health Club @ Newmarket, Kathy Davies. Ms Davies said she had not received any complaints.