Saturday, February 16, 2008

Must not Abuse a Homosexual

A customer was dissatisfied with a government manager (Grabauskas) and got frustrated when the manager ignored his complaints. So he began to use rather ripe language in his further complaints.

"Fire the (expletive) Grabauskas, as he is as useless as (expletive) on a bull," Roberts wrote in one e-mail sent Jan. 14, according to a copy provided to the Herald.

In another message dated Dec. 11, 2007, he allegedly wrote, "Run the (expletive) trains on time or fire someone, how about starting with Grabauskas(?)"

Another one of the approximately dozen e-mails referred to a sex act and named Grabauskas specifically.


So the complainant lost his job. Would he have lost his job if the manager had been heterosexual? I doubt it. The manager himself might have been investigated for his poor performance. But there is no hint of that.