Monday, February 11, 2008

CA college dean: Flier racist and sexist

Even white clothes are dangerous apparently:

"Fliers distributed last week for a party at Claremont McKenna College were denounced as "racist and sexist" by Scripps College Dean of Students Debra Wood in an e-mail sent to Scripps students.

The fliers advertised a "white party" - organizers said it referred to suggested party attire - and pictured a white man wearing a white-colored disco-era suit and two black women wearing tight-fitting shorts and bikini tops.

In her e-mail, Wood said the fliers promoted a "racist party theme." She urged Scripps students to boycott the party and write letters of protest to student leaders and campus newspapers...

The disc jockey who performed at the event and contributed the images on the flier said he was "kind of astounded" when he learned of Wood's objections. Tim Scarne, who performs as DJ Timbo, said the "white party" theme "meant you were supposed to wear all white because there were supposed to be black lights."