Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Australian TV Program Sparks Outrage

We read:

"It has a violent bashing, a sex scene, liberal use of the "F" word and a graphic shooting in cold blood - and that's the first 20 minutes. Family groups are screaming blue murder about the new Channel 9 crime drama Underbelly. It is set to premiere at 8.30pm tomorrow, well within reach of children.

The Nine Network set its own classification for the program - which is based on Melbourne's gangland war spanning 1995 to 2004 - under the accepted rules of the Australian Commercial Television Code of Conduct.

The Australian Family Association (AFA) yesterday threatened to take the matter to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy if the content of the show was anything near that of an unauthorised promotional clip leaked from Nine's production department.

The rogue video clip, circulated via a viral email, contains sensationalised footage of graphic violence, near-pornographic sex scenes including topless shots of women and men's buttocks, and a tag line of "Bang, Bang, You're F. . . . d".


You can see a greater percentage of exposed female flesh than the above on Sydney's beaches any day.

A judge has now temporarily ordered the show off air on grounds unrelated to obscenity.