Friday, September 14, 2018

Australia: Politician slams egotistical feminist

I had a previous comment on this on 7th

A politician has shared an airline experience of his own in response to an academic who complained about being called 'miss' by a flight attendant.

Peter Phelps, a Liberal Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since 2011, targeted Philosophy PhD Siobhan O'Dwyer in a Wednesday Twitter post.

'Oh my God, Qantas I just got "Welcome abroad, Mister Phelps" despite my boarding ticket clearly stating that it is "Doctor Phelps",' Dr Phelps, who has a PhD in Australian History, wrote.

'So I just said "Thank you" .. because I'm not a massive academic feminist prat whose time is spent looking for patriarchal insults where there are none.'

Dr Phelps followed up the post with an additional comment that the experience 'destroys her ex post facto justification that "it would never happen to a man".'

Dr O'Dwyer sparked controversy with a viral tweet last week in which she slammed Qantas for not calling her 'doctor' during her flight.

The lecturer then accused the airline of 'everyday sexism' and complained she was deluged with hate mail for her Twitter post about the incident.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Just like with all liberals they want to silence all conservatives and allowing only themselves to speak since liberals think their so privlaged

Stan B said...

Dr. O'Dwyer suffers from the "red dot" effect.

I've never seen this experiment documented, but I heard about it, and it seems to be TRUE.

1) Line up a bunch of grad students of all races, colors, creeds, and genders.
2) Paint a "dot" of nail-polish on their foreheads. Half will get water, half will get "red dots." The subjects don't know which they have.
3) Send them into "mock" interviews.
4) Afterwards, survey them and see how many thought the interviewer was focusing on the "red dot" on their forehead.

You get about the same percentages from the respondents in BOTH groups - those who have NO RED DOT but don't know they have NO RED DOT - of people convinced the interviewer is focusing on the RED DOT.

The interpretation? IF you believe there is something for them to focus on, you will believe they are focusing on it. How could they not? It's a big, freakin' dot on your forehead!'s not.

It's called CONFIRMATION BIAS, and we're all guilty of it....

Larry T said...

If your are not a medical profession or in an academic setting I do not call any of you doctor. I mush rather call a PA (physicians Assistant) doctor then to call someone has a PHD in advanced basket weaving.