Monday, September 10, 2018

Apple Pulls Alex Jones’s Infowars From Its App Store

Apple Inc. removed Alex Jones’s Infowars website from its App Store late Friday, eliminating one of the few remaining digital platforms available to the right-wing provocateur.

The technology company took down five apps affiliated with Infowars for violating its app-developer guidelines, an Apple spokeswoman said. Those guidelines preclude apps that deliver content that is “offensive, insensitive, upsetting…or in exceptionally poor taste.” That includes “mean-spirited references or commentary” about religion, race, sexual orientation and gender.

Infowars won’t be allowed to return to the App Store, the spokeswoman said. She declined to say what Infowars content violated Apple’s policies or when the company made the decision.

The removal came a day after Twitter Inc. permanently banned Infowars and its founder, Alex Jones, from its social-media platform. That followed previous content removals from Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube.

Last month, Apple helped trigger the wave of removals of content related to Mr. Jones, taking down Infowars listings from its podcast directories. But it continued to offer apps affiliated with Infowars in its store, saying it supports all points of views on its App Store so long as developers follow its guidelines.

Mr. Jones has argued that Silicon Valley is suppressing his First Amendment rights and trying to stifle conservative viewpoints.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said this week he plans to examine what the Justice Department has called intentional efforts to restrict voices on social media.


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