Friday, September 07, 2018

Academic called Miss instead of Doctor on a Qantas flight says she's victim of sexism

An academic who slammed Qantas after a flight attendant mistakenly called her Miss instead of Doctor claims she is the victim of 'everyday sexism'. 

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer, an Australian academic with a PhD in Philosophy, said the incident would never have happened if she was a man.

Reflecting on the incident after her posts went viral last week, Dr O'Dwyer said the public response from her string of tweets had been 'pretty hateful'.

'The vitriol in my feed at the moment is staggering,' she wrote to her 3,300 followers.

Dr O'Dwyer defended her post, saying it was not about ego, but rather 'highlighting one of a thousand instances of sexism that women encounter every day'.


I am rarely called "Doctor", even though I have a science doctorate, and it never bothers me in the slightest.  If it ever arises, I tell people to call me "John".  And that is pretty normal in Australia.  So what I think we see here is just another angry feminist.  If she was an Australian  man she would not have bothered about it.

She's not much of an academic, either.  She can't spell common words.  In her tweet she said: "Copping so much flack for this tweet".   She presumably means "flak", originally a wartime term for antiaircraft fire -- adopted from the Germans, for whom it is an abbreviation of  "FliegerAbwehrKanone" (anti-aircraft gun) -- JR


Anonymous said...

Did anyone on that flight, passengers or crew, know that she has a doctorate in Philosophy? Nuff said.

Bill R. said...

A Doctorate in Philosophy? Sorry miss, that hardly qualifies. All I see here is a large ego that didn't get stroked.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Blabber blabber blabber its what you can ever expect from a liberal besides the whining and sniveling and wimpering

Larry T said...

A Doctor is one who has his or her degree in a medical profession. If you have a PHD and are not working at a academic environment then you are just Joe Blow, PHD. If you insist of being called a Doctor outside of academia then you are Doctor Asshole. One time a friend who has a doctorate asked to speak to a another person in same field without calling them Doctor and a underling said Doctor Big Mouth does not speak to anyone without an appointment. She said tell him that Doctor Nice Gal would never want to talk to anyone that pretentious.

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

Dr Jeckle met Mr Hyde,One night while out on a ride, Then their car began to slide,Said the Dr to Mr Hyde,have consiered a Bride?