Thursday, January 02, 2020

Police officer stands down after faking a message on a McDonald’s coffee cup

A cop who accused staff at Macca’s of writing a vile note has stood down after it was revealed he made up the message himself.

An investigation into the matter revealed the fast-food restaurant had nothing to do with writing the obscenity on the officer’s coffee cup, reports KSNT.

In a statement, Police chief Brian Hornaday said the note was “fabricated by a police officer no longer employed with the agency”.

“Now, this is absolutely a black eye on law enforcement,” Hornaday said.

When news of the incident broke, officer claimed he had visited a drive-through in Junction City, Kansas, on his way to work on Saturday when he received the insulting note.

A photo showing the coffee cup and offensive missive, which read “F***ing Pig”, was then posted to Facebook by Chief Hornaday where it was then shared more than 4500 times.

In the wake of allegations against McDonald’s in Junction City, owner Dana Cook released statement defending staff.

Cook said a review of security footage from “every angle” inside the restaurant showed message was not scrawled by employees.



Anonymous said...

Some people just have no sense.

Anonymous said...

What is just as bad is that the police department is refusing to release the name of the officer even though it is a public record.

We are seeing more and more of cases where the rules and laws are for everyone other than those in government employ.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:33

Just as bad, they just let the officer resign. You know damn well that he's moved on to the next city's police force.