Thursday, January 02, 2020

Aggressive speech now a no-no

An email from reader predrjon:

Here in America, many are worried about the constant attack on expression of thoughts that aren't "politically correct" and acceptable by leftists.

Here's an example from last night;

I was listening to the Chicago Police on the scanner frequency,   ( site,

This was my email when telling like-minded friends what I had just heard):

Chicago police have a call from an Uber driver whose passenger is "speaking aggressively about African-Americans".

What does "aggressively" mean?  The complaining driver didn't say "threatening".

Police are on their way .

Apparently it is now a police matter to speak aggressively about African-Americans.

Of course I was not able to record this alert from the police dispatcher to officers. 

Speaking "aggressively" needed to be defined but as I said, but there were no threats mentioned.    Evidently the complainant did not like the "aggressive" speech.

I did not hear a disposition of the incident, only the initial call.

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Bird of Paradise said...

You can tell if liberals a re in the area just listen to all the whinning you can hear