Friday, January 31, 2020

Ohio Senate *Unanimously* Votes to Protect Free Speech on Campuses!

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Senate just unanimously passed the CCV-backed FORUM (Forming Open and Robust University Minds) Act to protect free speech on college and university campuses.

"By passing SB 40, the Ohio Senate is sending the clear message that every student's voice matters," said Aaron Baer, president of Citizens for Community Values. "In recent years, we’ve witnessed university officials in Ohio and across America stifle the speech of pro-life and conservative groups. SB 40 will protect these students by creating a level playing field for ideas. It doesn't favor any viewpoint or ideology, but ensures all speech is equally protected."

In a 33-0 vote, the Ohio Senate just voted to:

Protect peaceful assemblies, protests, speakers, and displays on campus.

Prohibit “Free Speech Zones” on college campuses.

Prohibit shutting down events or other expression via a “Heckler’s Veto.”

Require colleges and universities to have a free speech policy, and report violations of free speech on campus to the General Assembly.

"We want to thank the bill sponsors Senator Andy Brenner and Senator Rob McColley, and the entire Senate Chamber for protecting the right of every student to have the opportunity to engage in open and honest discussion, no matter his or her political party.

The bill now moves to the Ohio House for consideration.

Email from Citizens for Community Values:


Bird of Paradise said...

No more speech codes no more small tiny areas set aside f as Free Speech Zones if the whining little snowflakes dont like it then let them move away far far away

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is hope.

Bill R. said...

We'll see how the heckler's veto goes.