Monday, January 27, 2020

Fighting for free speech
An Oxford professor is provided with security guards after she received threats from trans activists who hate her views on sex and gender.

Actors call on other actors to denounce and effectively blacklist Laurence Fox after he criticised the excesses of woke culture.

A UK university employs conversation monitors to listen out for, and reprimand, ‘racial microaggressions’.

And that’s all in just the last few days. Anyone who denies that there’s a crisis of freedom of speech is lying to themselves. The culture of intolerance is growing. It must be resisted.

In 2020, let’s stand up for the right to think, say, write and tweet freely. For the right to dissent from orthodoxies old and new and to express our convictions openly, however unpopular they might be. The health of public life and of democracy itself depends on the free exchange of ideas and beliefs.



Anonymous said...

Politically Correct Liberals are evil !

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are truly the most intollerent people on this earth if you disagree with their politics they want you silenced and will shout you down Liberals are Selfish and self centered and Stupid

Stan B said...

Trans people are delusional. When you confront delusional people with evidence of their delusions, or even challenge their delusion obliquely, you can expect delusional people to react violently.