Sunday, January 19, 2020

Facebook labels man’s post praising faggots at his local butchers 'hate speech’


A man who heaped praise on a local butcher’s faggots on social media got a shock when he was accused of 'hate speech'.

Morriston resident Paul Lynch innocently wrote his post on Facebook in which he paid tribute to the meatballs produced by butchers - Thomas’ of Morriston .

But the post fell foul of Facebook moderators, who removed the post, and after reviewing it, upheld the original decision, informing Mr Lynch that the post ‘goes against our community standards on hate speech’.

The original post read: “If you’re not buying Thomas’s Of Morriston the butchers on Morriston Cross’ faggots on a Tuesday are you even a monkey?”.

The post is likely to have come to the attention of administrators for the use of the word ‘faggot’, which in America particularly can be used as a term of abuse.

The use of the word ‘monkey’ may also have alerted the social media platform, as it can also have a derogative racial meaining.

However, Mr Lynch’s post was a reference to the meatballs with herbs produced by the butchers, and a commonly-used nickname for people living in the Swansea suburb, the ‘Morriston monkeys’.



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness runs amok once again !!!!

ScienceABC123 said...

This is what happens when 'ignorant' people get to make decisions on what is and isn't allowed. Eventually no one will be allowed to say anything.