Sunday, January 19, 2020

Facebook says 'denying existence' of trans identities on platform is 'hate speech'

In a move that mirrors Twitter's recent update to its user rules forbidding "misgendering" on the platform, Facebook has updated its terms of service to say that "denying existence" of self-determined gender identities will be considered "hate speech."

According to internet and tech watchdog Reclaim the Net, the social media giant "quietly updated its Community Standards on 'hate speech' and prohibited 'statements denying existence' based on 'gender identity.' Since Facebook users can enter custom gender identities, this update means that denying the existence of a potentially unlimited number of gender identities could now result in a permanent account ban."



Anonymous said...

People with twisted minds should not be in positions of control.

Anonymous said...

There's a HUGE difference between Hate Speech and honest debate but Facebook and Twitter refuse to accept that.

ScienceABC123 said...

On Facebook, speaking the truth can get you banned for life.

Stan B said...

Snowflakes are so fragile about their gender pronouns, they NEED the big, bad corporation to protect them.