Thursday, January 23, 2020

German ‘Speech Police’ Announce Taboo Term Of 2019: ‘Climate Hysteria’

That’s right, last week a panel, made up of four pompous linguists and one journalist, chose “climate hysteria” as Germany’s taboo word (un-word) of 2019.

The Unwort des Jahres (un-word of the year) is a new or recently popularized term used in Germany which a panel deems “violates human rights or infringes upon Democratic principles.”

According to Wikipedia, “The term may be one that discriminates against societal groups or might be euphemistic, disguising or misleading. The term is usually, but not always, a German term. The term is chosen from suggestions sent in by the public.”

Over the years, like so many other institutions, the volunteer panel has leaned to the left and has been choosing words that tend to cast conservatives and the right political spectra in a negative light.

Last week, the panel selected “climate hysteria” as the un-word of the year. Taboo because it “defames climate protection efforts”



Anonymous said...

More stupid Political Correctness.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Eco-Nazis are in Germany oh yes the Green SWatika and Hitler was a big time Eco-Freak a Vegan as well

Anonymous said...

So "Climate Hysteria" sets them off?

Then that's what I will be using!