Thursday, June 14, 2018

The first in a series of planned free speech rallies in Australia draws dozens of activists in support of TV host Sonia Kruger and jailed UK activist Tommy Robinson

Dozens of protesters have rallied in support of Australian television host Sonia Kruger and incarcerated far-right British activist Tommy Robinson.

The Melbourne 'free speech' rally was the first of four to be held nationwide over the weekend by the Australian Liberty Alliance, with Kruger currently under fire after calling for an Australian Muslim ban.

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was arrested a week ago for using social media to broadcast details of a trial which is subject to blanket reporting restrictions.

Robinson, who was listed by his real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon on court documents, was sentenced to 13 months in jail on the same day as his arrest.

'Tommy resonates with a lot of people. He's a working class man, he's like a typical Aussie. They (Australian supporters) feel like what he says is our future here too,' organiser Avi Yemini told AAP on Saturday.

He told the crowd that 'I, you, we all are Tommy Robinson'.

'If that can happen to a man who stands up to defend our rights, it can happen to anyone.' 

The crowd sang the Australian anthem followed by chants for Robinson, with hecklers yelling at the crowd nearby.

Australian Liberty Alliance's Debbie Robinson said 'most people in Australia would agree with Sonia Kruger'.


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Anonymous said...

The problem is that we are not all Tommy Robinson
We are not all currently on probation for breaching a non-publication order, and we are not all currently determined to keep breaching non-publication (or suppression) orders.
We are not all determined to make having a trial free from bias as difficult as possible, and we are not all determined to be martyrs.
Now, I am happy to discuss whether a suppression order should have been made - but not whether he should have gone to jail for breaching it.