Monday, June 04, 2018

Australia: Love Island's intruder Elias Chigros is the face of controversial banned Boost Juice adverts which faced backlash over 'cultural appropriation'

Liking fruit juice is cultural appropriation?  Whose culture?  Aboriginal culture?  Hardly.  The favourite drink of Australian Aborigines is "goon" (cheap white wine)

He's the sexy Melbourne model who caused a stir when he strutted into the Love Island villa this week as an intruder.

But Elias Chigros hasn't always been so successful when it comes to striking a pose.

The hunk, 27, starred in a controversial ad campaign for Boost Juice in 2017, which has since been banned following public backlash.

Elias fronted their 'Summer Warrior' campaign, and the company was accused of cultural appropriation after Elias and other models donned fruit and body paint in the images.

Many outraged consumers took to social media to slam the photo shoot, branding it 'tone deaf ignorant content', last November.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Boost Juice responded: 'It has been brought to our attention that our recent Summer Warrior campaign has caused offence. This was genuinely not our intention. We sincerely apologise.

'We will be removing this campaign from our [social media] channels and we thank you for your feedback.'

Explaining the concept to NITV in a second statement, a representative for the brand said they were trying to 'visualise the power of fruit and vegetables by having people wear it.'

The brand added: 'We are proud to have a diverse workforce that is made up of people from many different cultures in both our stores and support office, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.'

Although Elias's time as the face of Boost Juice may have been short lived, he's since starred in campaigns for brands such as Target and Myob.


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