Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Australia: Viewers express fury over TV program's 'insensitive' panel discussion comparing IVF to 'gambling addiction'

It's not a bad comparison in that both things can easily become an obsession, but comparing anything to gambling suggests derogatory intent.  I am myself an IVF father but  just thought that the segment made a point rather vividly.

Channel Seven viewers have expressed anger and disappointment over a panel discussion on Weekend Sunrise that compared IVF to 'gambling addiction'.

The offending segment, which aired on Sunday, drew criticism on Facebook due to the perceived 'insensitive' handling of a serious topic.

'Thousands' of would-be parents struggling with fertility issues were left hurt and insulted by statements made during the show, including the suggestion that people wanting a family 'need to start younger'.

The panel discussion was led by Weekend Sunrise hosts Basil Zempilas and Monique Wright and also featured journalist Melissa Hoyer and newsreader Ron Wilson.

Quoting an article in The Daily Telegraph about a couple that had been unsuccessful in their attempt to have a child after 12 rounds of fertility treatment, Basil introduced the discussion with a warning about 'women getting hooked on IVF in the same way gamblers get addicted to the pokies'.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals have a addiction to Stupidity and Whining all you have to do is hear them

Anonymous said...

Starting earlier is good advice.
I am not sure that comparing IVF with a gambling addiction is apt.