Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Airbnb PR chief shares tone-deaf post about immigration crisis

Woman meant one thing but people took her the opposite way. Sometimes you can't win

THE head of PR at Airbnb has shocked industry insiders with a tone-deaf post about migrant children separated from their parents at the US border.

The new director of PR at Airbnb made a communications blunder of global proportions amid the child separation crisis at the US border, theNew York Post reports.

Kim Kingsley stunned fellow PR pros by posting a picture of herself and fellow staffers dancing on a San Francisco pier with the caption, “ … that night I fell in love with new colleagues while children 2,000 miles away were being detained in cages. #whatyoudomatters #speakup #cantignorethis.”

We’re told industry insiders shared the post between themselves, with one telling Page Six, “My jaw dropped.”

A source close to Ms Kingsley — who has been posting criticism of the now-revoked policy online — pointed out that Airbnb was among the first corporations to publicly oppose it, and said that Ms Kingsley was just “proud to be working at a company that shares her values.”

In a statement, Ms Kingsley told us, “My point is the exact opposite of what you suggest.”

She continued, “Even as we experience moments with family and friends, we cannot forget these children and my hashtags make that very clear. What you do matters. Speak up. We can’t ignore this. Look at anything I’ve shared over the last few weeks and you will know my feelings on this issue.”



Anonymous said...

Where were all these protesters when the Obama administration was following the same procedures???

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08 - Unaware since the media wouldn't tell them but they'd have defended it then just as strongly as they now oppose it simply because of who was in charge.

Dean said...

Perhaps a bit cynical, but I feel those harassing ICE and other government officials are driven by their hate of Trump rather than the plight of children.

If they really cared that much about the children, there would have been demonstrations and calls for reform when the Messiah of the Left was president - if the press had made it an issue as they have now.

Anon 2:34 is correct. Anything that would have blemished Obama's image was ignored or altered to make him look better. So, while an occasional image or report surfaced, the press made sure such things were quickly buried.