Sunday, June 03, 2018

Australian restaurant slammed as racist after launching 'Ching Chong' burger - but the owner says the name was inspired by his Malaysian roots

A burger joint has come under fire for being racist after naming one of its patties with a defamatory term given to Asians.

The 'Ching Chong burger' at Johnny's Burgers in Perth has caused controversy for it's racially insensitive name.

In a Facebook post the owner, Johnny Wong, said the burger had been on the menu for three years and is inspired by his Malaysian roots.

But local Lisa Chappell has stated an online petition to see the name removed, labelling it as offensive. 'Johnny's Burger joint serves up an extra side dish that is frowned upon by many. Racism!' she said. 'The offensively named Ching Chong Burger has sat proudly on Johnny's menu for many years, however enough is enough!' 'Help us stand up to racism and force Johnny's Burger Joint to remove this burger from their laminated menus.' 

The petition, which was started several weeks ago, has over 80 signatures.

Fans of the burger name have pushed back online claiming that because Mr Wong is of Asian decent he has the right to call his burger 'Ching Chong.'

Some have also made personal attacks at Ms Chappell calling her a 'half wit.'

In a Facebook post the restaurant thanked those who have offered their support during the controversy. 'We've recently received an overwhelming response of awesome messages that has inspired us to keep on doing what we’re doing,' they said.



Anonymous said...

Politically Correct Liberals are always looking for opportunities to be outraged on behalf of other people who are not offended.

Dean said...

Question: Black people (is that PC?) are allowed to use the dreaded n-word, so why can't Asians use terms denied to white people?

Answer: Because some SJW or PC Nazi (is there a difference?) had the fantods upon hearing said word.

Bird of Paradise said...

Social Justice Warriors(SJW)Snowflakes,Liberals,Wimps,Etc the sight of Old Glory upsets the little tummies after pigging out at their local vegan eatery

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Dean - but the problem will arise when a white person wants to order the burger.
How do they do it?
Are they allowed to use the forbidden words, or, like that poor girl at the Kendrick Lamar concert, will we have to censor ourselves from using the actual words - even though they are written right there on the menu...???