Thursday, December 29, 2016

Real men don't eat icecream?

THEY’VE done it again — only this time it’s Richard Hammond in the firing line. The star of The Grand Tour has sparked a backlash after he said he doesn’t eat ice-cream because he is “straight”.

The comments came during an episode of the reimagined version of Top Gear which screens on Amazon Prime instead of the BBC after Jeremy Clarkson’s “fracas” with a producer saw the trio opt to stay together.

In the clip being circulated from Happy Finnish Christmas, Hammond explains he wouldn’t eat a Magnum in a Volvo because “I don’t eat ice-cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”

After some quizzical looks from Clarkson, James May, laughter and applause from the audience he is forced to explain.  “Ice-cream is a bit, you know ...” he said.

Clarkson clarifies: “So you’re saying all children are homosexual?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice-cream, you know it’s a bit ... it’s that way rather than that way,” Hammond said.

Clarkson responds: “Welcome to the inside of Richard Hammond’s head.”



Anonymous said...

More nonsense from an idiot !

Bird of Paradise said...

Another little snowflake rainbow boy with STUPID written all over their face their probibly a strict vegan who whine about the use of all animal products a person with a walnut sized brain

Anonymous said...

That was a fun read. Not as fun as BoP's response, however.

Anonymous said...

Dude's an asshat.

Anonymous said...

I love ice cream bars although I haven't eaten any for a long time.

Spuriwng Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

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