Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fake hate speech (Again)

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the media establishment have made the so-called “fake news” one of the gravest threats to democracy.

However, they usually manage to forget this kind of “fake news” which they were so eager to believe but once again turns out to be just another hoax.

Police arrested Andrew McClinton on Wednesday in conjunction with the arson of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, which was burned and vandalized on Nov. 1, a week before Donald Trump was elected president.

A bishop from Hopewell told the Associated Press that Mr. McClinton is a member of the predominantly black church.

The suspect is charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship.

The side of the 111-year-old church was scrawled with the words “Vote Trump” in white spray-paint, prompting calls for Mr. Trump to denounce the act purportedly perpetrated in his name.

Will there be a retraction from those involved in spreading the “fake news” meme?  Don’t hold your breath:


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Anonymous said...

Most of the stuff you read in the papers and magazines and see and hear from the talking heads is fake news Katie Couric is just a drop in the vast ocean of liberal media lies like with DATELIES NBC back when they rigged a GM truck crash test the whole news media is like the horns of a steer a point here a point there and lot of bull in between