Thursday, December 15, 2016

An Australian mayor criticized for rejecting race-consciousness

The Lord Mayor of Hobart has been slammed for 'disgusting ignorance' after her comments regarding a proposed Aboriginal memorial in Tasmania.

Earlier this week Sue Hickey said that she objected to a proposal by Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) to build an Aboriginal Memorial in the city because it would create a 'guilt ridden' place and current generations should not be blamed for past atrocities.

'I didn't kill the Aborigines, and nor would I; it was a different era,' she told ABC radio.

Former [black] Labor senator Nova Peris took to Twitter to pronounce her frustration with Ms Hickey's comments.

'Disgusting ignorance by Mayor of Hobart. No doubt (Sue Hickey) is front n (sic) centre of every Anzac Day dawn service w/ a red poppy,' Ms Peris tweeted.

The memorial makes up part of the $2 billion concept plans drafted by David Walsh's MONA for a cultural hub located on the Hobart waterfront at Macquarie Point.

The proposed Truth and Reconciliation Art Park would serve to acknowledge conflict between European settlers and Indigenous people known as the frontier wars and the Indigenous Tasmanian groups that subsequently died out.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

All this PC nonsense is quickly spiraling out of conntrol and pluage of Liberalism,Muliculteralism and snowfakiusms spreading its ugly tenticles to other nations

Stan B said...

How dare she not accept the guilt for the sins of her father's and grandfather's sins, real or imagined? What sort of monster is she not to recognize that we (White People, Europeans) share the collective guilt of ALL who have gone before us, no matter how ancient the offense? We must spend eternity trying to lift our formerly oppressed brethren up, because it is our collective fault that they are where they are, and not through any fault of their own! She obviously does not deserve to live!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Nova Peris is in no position to lecture people. Her conduct has been appalling, using government funds to set up a tryst with her boyfriend.
Secondly, this whole collective guilt thing is a strange and recent phenomenon. Civilisation is replete with examples of one people moving in and dispossessing/repressing another group, however, only recently do we have to atone and apologies and provide restitution for such actions.
I would like to know when the cut-off or limitation period is on conqueror guilt? Do the Romans need to say sorry to the Etruscans?

Stan B said...

Anon 7:48 PM said : "I would like to know when the cut-off or limitation period is on conqueror guilt? Do the Romans need to say sorry to the Etruscans?"

You completely mis-stated the question of cut-off. It's not "when" but "whom," as in whom was actually displaced.

Etruscans were basically white - so no apology is going to be forthcoming, nor should it be. However, Roman actions against the Egyptians (a white vs. non-white group) are going to have to be atoned for at some point. So are Greek actions against the Persians (basically the Iranians) in the form of Alexander's invasion. The Turkish invasion of Eastern Europe, however, is forever a non-issue. And the Norsemen need not worry about the hurt feelings of the Saxons or Franks.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Its springtime in australia but the nuts are already falling