Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Comments made under a guarantee of privacy lead to punishment

Most blacks don't do much to endear themselves to whites so whites who dislike them have some grounds for that

Fathers of two Marist High School seniors filed a lawsuit Monday claiming their daughters were “used as scapegoats” after a racist text message thread between students went viral.

The two students were among a group of five either suspended or expelled from the school at 4200 W. 115th St. in the wake of the text message incident.

The text messages surfaced Nov. 6 after a protest following the fatal police shooting of a 25-year-old black man the day before in Mount Greenwood. Black activists said they encountered '60s-style racism as they clashed with demonstrators supporting police.

Meanwhile on Twitter, someone shared a screen shot of a text message reportedly from a Marist student, who said "I F------ HATE N-----S," to which one of her friends replied, "same."

The plaintiffs were kicked out of school within days of the messages going viral “without hearing their side of the story and without any disciplinary process,” according to the suit.

The two white teenagers, who are also unnamed in the lawsuit, were among 32 girls included in the text message group. The group originally met in September at a religious retreat, known as Kairos.

The retreat is designed for young women to meet and "freely express themselves on all types of topics," according to the lawsuit. As part of the retreat, the girls involved were promised that "any comments made orally would be strictly confidential."

The lawsuit also points to a March 14, 2014 incident in which a black student and Marist football player, according to the suit, tweeted a comment "advocating the killing of white people." That student was required to receive counseling following the comment, the suit argues.

"By comparison, the comments made by the minor plaintiffs were, at most, racially insensitive," the lawsuit says.



Anonymous said...

Once again, Political Correctness run amok.

Anonymous said...

It is OK for Blacks to hate whites because their great great grandparents MAY have been slaves. And every white person MUST have owned slaves, so they are not allowed to disrespect any black person now. (sarcasm off)

Bird of Paradise said...

The ones who need to be suspended are teachers and principal for the rest of the school season

Anonymous said...

The post is a little misleading in that there was no guarantee of privacy if the kids tweeted out something to others.

Secondly, this seems to be a case where a kid got caught saying something really stupid and the school responding to their words (which is legal.)

In steps the daddy's who enables the daughters to be a jerks and thing they should not be held accountable for what they say because they are precious snowflakes and then invokes the "they do it too!" defense of a 2nd grader.

People can say this is PC nonsense, but it is also a case of the parents creating kids who are never accountable for anything they do or say and will always play the part of a victim.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Liberals can blabber all they want about tollerence until they go mute their the real biggots