Friday, December 16, 2016

Must not echo Trump on a Leftist campus

The Left tend to believe their own propaganda:  That Trump is racist, sexist etc even when there is plenty of evidence that he is none of those things.  So they get a shock when asked to prove it

Parker Rand-Ricciardi and another Babson College classmate drove onto the Wellesley College campus after the presidential election in a pickup truck with a Donald Trump flag hanging out the back while shouting, “Make America great again.”

Now he stands accused of “racist, misogynistic, and/or homophobic conduct.” However, a Babson College investigation can’t document those specific allegations, according to Jeffrey S. Robbins, a lawyer for Rand-Ricciardi, who is threatening Babson with a defamation suit. His client wants a public apology from Babson, along with the withdrawal of charges of harassment and disorderly conduct. Citing federal privacy laws, Babson won’t comment on specifics but said in a statement it’s committed to “a just result.”

Lacking hard evidence of more offensive conduct, this looks like a knee jerk reaction by college administrators quick to coddle Trump-traumatized campus liberals. But the case is complicated by where its students chose to do their gloating and by the very nature of Trump’s campaign. Just running around with a Trump sign can be viewed as racially offensive and demeaning to women — especially at Hillary Clinton’s alma mater — given that Trump was accused of stoking those biases. That makes it a teachable moment.

On Nov. 11, Babson College President Kerry Healey apologized to the Wellesley College community for actions she described as “insensitive, unacceptable, and contrary to our core values.” A Babson vice president of student affairs sent out a letter saying that driving by Harambee House was “perceived . . . as racially offensive and gender demeaning.”

The two Babson students were banned from campus. Then, on Dec. 11, both students were notified the ban had been lifted. According to a letter released by Robbins (and first reported by the Boston Herald), a Wellesley College police report concluded, “No racial slurs, no homophobic slurs nor any other offensive symbols or flags were reported to anyone.” There’s also no evidence the two Babson students purposefully drove past Harambee House.

It looks like Babson jumped the gun by imposing a penalty before the investigation was complete.

Meanwhile, the story went viral, and both Babson students said they were subjected to death threats.



Bird of Paradise said...

Quit calling them schools,collages and universities and start calling them INDOCTRINATION CENTERS for the future servants of Big Brother

Anonymous said...

Liberals tend to be vicious when their beliefs are challenged.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals weant to replace the eagle witha rainbow chicken,replace old gory witha rainbow flag with the earth on it and make AGE OF AQUARIUS the new national antheme becuase everything american upsets these little snowflakes