Thursday, December 08, 2016

Amazon removes 'offensive' Allah 'doormats and dog mats' that feature the word 'God' written in Arabic after complaint from British Muslim politician sparks Twitter fury

Amazon has removed a third-party line of 'door and dog mats' featuring the Arabic word for God - Allah - after a complaint from Muslim users, including a British politician.

The mats - sold through Amazon by a number of independent users including 'Dargon One', 'Trendy Mats' and 'Gear One' - had been garnering complaints from Muslims since June, according to RT.

But it was only when Mariam Khan - a Councillor in the English city of Birmingham - complained on Twitter Monday that the site took the items off the market.

'These mats are extremely offensive to Muslims & out of order,' Khan wrote. '@amazon @AmazonHelp please remove these from your site immediately.'

She called the company to complain, earning an apology and promise to remove the items, but she said that the company would take them down faster if her followers complained - which they duly did.

Anam Hoque said the items were 'disgusting', 'irresponsible' and promoted 'hatred' and 'islamophobia'. Moeed Sheikh, meanwhile, called the items 'Disgraceful & Diabolical', adding: 'shame on @amazon & @AmazonHelp for selling these door mats'. 

But others mocked the eventual removal.

Conservative talk show host Phil Valentine tweeted: 'Amazon caves to pressure to remove allah doormats. What happened to "if you're offended don't buy it"?'

Amazon's terms and conditions prohibit the selling of items 'that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views'.

It reserves the right to remove those items that do not comply.

That a British politician brought the controversy to the public eye will be especially embarrassing for Amazon.

This Christmas it released a much-trumpeted UK TV advert promoting 'inter-faith selfnessness' in which a Christian vicar and Muslim cleric buy each other knee-pads so that they can both pray more comfortably.


Dormats with Christian themes were not removed


Anonymous said...

I avoid and Islam is a religion of evil.

Bird of Paradise said...

This P.C. nonsense is getting quit out of hand how stupid are these PC idiots?

Anonymous said...

I can actually understand their concern. I would probably go out of my way to dirty my shoes if I had a door mat that said Allah (the Devil) in Arabic such is my anger about their demon worshiping religion.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that they have a faith where they believe that their god cares whether you wipe your feet on his name. To believe that a supreme being would be that petty is very telling. To care that others do it shows the depth of muslim intolerance.


Anonymous said...

It's a DEATH sentence if you dare even imply an insult to Allah-the-Great, or his last prophet Mo-the-still-Greater!

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

Rats! Here I was gonna sell toilet seats and paper with Mohammed's face on it. Can I still get a door mat?

" which a Christian vicar and Muslim cleric buy each other knee-pads so that they can both pray more comfortably."

Pfft.. "Pray".. Suuure.. Only the cleric would really want 'em.

Dean said...

Reading the above makes me wonder how many that responded would be okay with a doormat with an image of Christ, or his name on it, It's quite possible many Christians would be upset about that, perhaps even enough to complain loudly.

While I do not agree with the tenants of Islam, particularly the acceptance of barbaric acts by the radical Islamic elements, its treatment of women, and the oft stated intention to convert the world to Islam by deceit or force, I can understand why they would be irritated by the name of their god being put on a doormat.

That said, the social and political order and laws of Islam are totally at odds with those of our country. If Muslims want to live sharia law, there are plenty of countries where they can do that. They are welcome to go there and live as they wish.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Lets see the reaction from liberals if a someone made and door mat with Obamas face on it and i have seen toilet paper with Obamas face on it

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with Muslims being upset about a product which was clearly designed to upset them.
I have no problem with Amazon deciding they don't want to carry a product designed to offend part of their customer base.
I don't really see what this story has to do with Tongue Tied except perhaps that Amazon has not done the same with other religious merchandise.
Oh, and Dean - its TENETS - not Tenants (unless Islam is running a boarding house).

Dean said...

9:33 - Thanks for the correction.

Dean said...

9:32 - Oops. Hit the wrong key above.

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

The infamous National Endowment for the Arts(NEA)has financed some trashy art projects lest we forget about the infamous Andrea Sarano and Robert Naplethorp