Sunday, December 25, 2016

Navy Scuttles Job Name Change Plans

Early this year, the Pentagon announced that it was going to “modernize” job titles in the military because, Barack Obama’s guys argued, many of those names were antiquated and confused civilians. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus directed that all job titles be rendered gender-neutral in order to please the PC Police, who worried that they may offend the sensibilities of newly empowered women now freed to fight on the front lines. The episode demonstrated once again the fact that Obama is more interested in using the military as his social engineering guinea pig than as an elite fighting force tasked with defending the nation and defeating the enemy.

Well, sailors in the Navy were having none of it. After receiving thousands of complaints protesting the decision, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson issued a memo on Wednesday stating, “We have learned from you, and so effective immediately, all rating names are restored.” Richardson continued, “Modernizing our industrial-age personnel system in order to provide sailors choice and flexibility still remains a priority for us. We will need to tackle the issue of managing rating names.”

This is a win for practical reality over leftist ideology. But as with any rotten idea the corrupting roots run deep, and it will take vigilance on the part of conservative-minded leaders both in the government and military to pull out all the weeds that Obama and his cronies planted.



Anonymous said...

It is to be hoped that Obama and his followers/enablers will soon be forgotten and their bad policies erased.

Bird of Paradise said...

Here in California some Dumb-O-Crat is proposing naming a bit of a freeway for Obama Yeah just leave it to the Dumb-O-Crats to make sch a stupid decision These liberal demacrats are dumber then a sack of rocks and blind as a batwearing a blindfold and ear plugs