Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Must not deny that homosexuality is inborn

Nothing else is inborn according to Leftists  -- only homosexuality

Andrea Minichiello Williams, the founder of lobby group Christian Concern, has been accused of exacerbating suicidal thoughts among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people across the world.

It comes as LGBT campaigners within the Church of England brand her unchristian and her comments 'deeply damaging to the Christian faith and the Church'.

She is said to have rejected the notion that homosexuality is inborn, blaming the 'lack of the father' and 'sometimes a level of abuse' for creating homosexual thoughts, the Independent reported.

Drawing an example, Mrs Williams, who was speaking at a conference in Jamaica, pointed to the case of Olympic diver Tom Daley, who came out in a YouTube selfie video last month.

She blamed the death of Daley's father Robert in 2011 as being the catalyst for his homosexual feelings.  She said Daley had been 'loved by all the girls and had girlfriends', but had 'lost his father to cancer just a few years ago'.

Mrs Williams, who is an elected member of the Church of England General Synod - the body which passes measures which once approved by Parliament become law - was visiting the Caribbean island to lobby against moves to change the law, which currently bans sex between men.


Good to see that the C of E Synod has SOMEBODY who accepts Bible teachings


Anonymous said...

She isn't a qualified psychologist or a scientist of any kind : just yet another biased religionist.
Is religiosity inborn or the result of trauma - hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. When the millions of radical Muslims who have been welcomed into Britain take complete control of the nation, they will know how to deal with the homosexual issue. Their solution is called, a sharp sword.

Malcolm Smith said...

Of course, she is perfectly correct. It is well established that the heridibility of homosexuality is less than 20% - abut the same as the heridibility of religion, if the true must be told.
Anyone who wants to read about the various risk factors can find them at:

Luke Warm said...

"Good to see that the C of E Synod has SOMEBODY who accepts Bible teachings"

Only the delusional.

BTW Jon, do YOU accept Bible teachings? Isn't it rather hypocritical of you to make the above statement seeing as you claim to be an atheist?

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that there could be, or more likely are, many "causes" of homosexuality, some genetic, some embryonic-hormonal, some early influences, and some learned later in life. But the conclusion must be - SO WHAT! - some folks are gay and some folks ain't - get over it already and mind your own business. As for sinners, look to your own sins, as Jesus himself said in so many words

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Jesus' birthday now, so a good time to focus more on what HE actually said, rather than what numerous other people who've presumed to speak for HIM (all the way from the 1st to the 21st centuries).