Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Duck victory

'DUCK Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson will return to work on US network A&E's reality show despite his comments about gay immorality, the channel said Friday, reversing its decision to suspend him after facing a boycott backlash.

In a statement Friday, the US network that airs the show A&E said it was bringing Robertson back after discussions with his Louisiana family featured in the hit reality series and "numerous advocacy groups."

Last week, the channel had put Robertson on what it called an indefinite "hiatus" because of his comments in a GQ magazine article that the Bible views gays as sinners akin to adulterers, prostitutes and swindlers.

While reiterating that Robertson's views are not those of the channel, A&E noted Friday that he has publicly said he would "never incite or encourage hate." The show itself is more than one man's views, it added.


A&E's ratings were down so the channel caved, much to the fury of the deviants


Anonymous said...

Those in Commiewood's "entertainment" industry, the people who bring us all those mindless TV shows, do have one thing that over-rides their infamous Leftist ideology. $$$!

Anonymous said...

The US's tv and other pop culture is thoroughly debased and decadent and has parallels with the decline and fall of so many other "civilizations"!

Luke Warm said...

What do you have against $$$, comrade? Damn socialists parading as right wingers.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:51

Have you ever viewed European TV? They show things on commercials that would never make it past our "free speech" pc police.

Anonymous said...

pwnage on the haters, LOL. 1337