Friday, December 06, 2013

Cricket Australia apologises for 'offensive' Monty Panesar tweet

I don't really see what's offensive.  Panesar is a Sikh and their turbans tell us that the guys in the picture are Sikhs.  And Indians are fonder of bright colours than Anglos are.  Why are we not allowed to mention that Panesar is a Sikh?  He even wears a Sikh head-covering while playing.  Sikhism is a religion, not a race

Cricket Australia has apologised for referencing England spinner Monty Panesar with a photo it tweeted of four bearded men wearing turbans.

CA posted the picture - taken from Instagram - on its official Twitter account late Thursday morning, day one of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide, with the caption: "Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up".

The men were dressed in bright purple, red, green and yellow clothes, depicting children's TV characters the Teletubbies and orginated from here.

The tweet sparked claims of racism and CA promptly deleted the post.  "We apologise for any offence caused by our earlier tweet. That was certainly not the intention. It has been removed," it wrote.



Anonymous said...

I think it is the teletubbies and the wiggles who are owed an apology. Where were the complaints when English cricket fans dressed like Muslim looking Monty's? I am fed up with people being offended on behalf of others. Monty wasn't offended so why was everyone else?

Anonymous said...

If i may coin a phrase...

"Leftists often pretend that any mention of race is "racist" -- unless they mention it, of course."

h/t to John R.