Thursday, December 12, 2013

British police launch 'Badvent' calendar with wanted criminals lurking behind every door... but then have to change the name because it's 'disrespectful to Christmas'

A police force's 'badvent calendar', which reveals the faces of suspected criminals in the run-up to Christmas, was hailed as an original and eye-catching way of fighting crime.

But despite its positive reception from the public, Nottinghamshire Police have been banned from using the term, after their own staff complained it was offensive to Christians.

Police bosses have now been forced to rename its 'Badvent' calendars to the far less catchy 'Festive Crime Calendar'.

The Nottinghamshire Police initiative - in which the name and face of a different wanted person is released from behind an online 'closed door' every day until December 25 - received an 'overwhelmingly positive' reception from the public.

But several of its own staff complained the calendar, which appears on the police's website and features a large photograph of a snowman wearing a policeman's helmet, was in 'poor taste'.

It is believed many of the objections were on religious grounds. Staff reportedly suggested it was disrespectful to Christians who traditionally use advent calendars to count down the days until the nativity of Jesus on December 25.


Christians get some respect!  That's a change.


Luke Warm said...

"Christians get some respect! That's a change."

That's a change? Hardly. Given the millions of events that include Christians, only a handful of negative events ever get publicized by the religious right to propagate the so-called "war on Christians". That's my two cents. Buy a clue with that Jon.

Anonymous said...

The religious have no sense of humor or self-irony. Muslims are of course the extreme, but Christians should beware of the same tendancies in the religious mindset.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Personally, I think it's a fun play on words. As a Christian myself, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I would have laughed at the presentation and looked forward to opening the new doors each successive day of badvent.

It's your right to voice your opinion, positive or negative, but if the boss decides to continue using the name of Badvent, get over it. We can't always get our way.

Anonymous 2:43, you make a valid point, but don't be too quick to paint all Christians with the same brush. This was a group of them at the police station, not representative of all Christians world wide.

Anonymous said...

Since when is being disrespectful to Christians not an accepted policy, given the fact that it's so widespread, especially among the Left?

Anonymous said...

3:49 - don't get paranoid - that's another tendancy of the hyper-religious!