Sunday, December 08, 2013


A sign hovering above a Huntington Beach saloon for the last six years, thanking veterans for protecting our freedom, has been ordered to be removed.

When he arrived at work on Monday, Johnny Kresimir, the owner of Johnny’s Booze and Pool, discovered a citation had been placed on his door. A city spokeswoman for Huntington Beach said the establishment lacked the proper permits to display the sign that reads, “Thank a Veteran for your Freedom.”

Kresimir posted on Facebook that the City was threatening him with a $1000 fine if he didn’t produce the necessary permits to hang the sign. "If the sign goes down, it's not going to hurt our business. It's just going to hurt the community," Kresimir lamented.

However, the patriotic proprietor isn’t giving up and plans to lobby the city to see if he can keep the sign in place. If he loses the battle, Kresimir vows to invite veterans from the area to come and say goodbye to the symbol that honors them.



Anonymous said...

Does the First Amendment not exist in Huntington Beach?

Dean said...

Perhaps he should just get the permits.

stinky said...

Get the permits? From the very people who simply can't stand the sentiment on the sign, which is why they want it gone?

Anonymous said...

There must be more to this story.

Anonymous said...

Yes 3:06, there is. That's the problem.

Or, perhaps we can take Dean's advise and simply surrender to whatever they want to do to us. Hmm...?