Thursday, December 05, 2013

Advertiser blamed for people's own dirty minds

ITV came under fire from viewers today for screening an 'offensive' e-cigarette advert during I'm A Celebrity which appeared to show a woman talking about oral sex.

A woman in a black cocktail dress uttered a series of suggestive phrases in the 20-second commercial screened just after the watershed.

Advertising watchdogs have launched a full investigation into the advert after receiving a 'significant number' of complaints.

In the commercial, the woman said 'I want you to get it out' and 'I want you to put it in my mouth', in an apparent reference to a sex act.  She added: 'I want to see how great it tastes'.

However, in a twist at the end she makes clear that she is actually referring to an electronic cigarette.



Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..." -- Spider

stinky said...

Such an old, old trick for generating "controversy."

But I will say that e-cigs are catching on like wildfire everywhere I look and with many people I know. Our local e-cig shops are jam-packed with new customers, too.

This will come to a head (can I say that?) soon as it is going to flatten the graft, I mean cigarette tax base, that govts so dearly love.

Anonymous said...

The ad was deliberately suggestive.
You could say the same thing about showing naked bodies. Nothing inherently wrong with them - we all have them. But in some people's minds it takes on entirely different connotations.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than censorship!

“Censorship: the reaction of the ignorant to freedom.”

Funny thing is, I thought liberals were obsessed with sex? They are always talking about it, after all, they want to teach it to first graders!