Thursday, September 10, 2009

Must not mention concentration camps in a joke

Australia. Facetious reference to a fat comedienne (above) deemed incorrect
"Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has dismissed his concentration camp jibe as "just one of those things" amid renewed calls for him to be sacked.

The radio star insulted Holocaust survivors yesterday by saying comedian Magda Szubanski should be put into a concentration camp to lose weight.

But today he went on air saying he did not mean "to offend her (Szubanski) or anyone else with those comments".

Jewish leaders called last night for his sacking.


Concentration camps were in fact first used by the Spaniards in Cuba and later by the British in South Africa -- both over 100 years ago. They have never been the sole preserve of Hitler or Jews.

The radio host has now been suspended from his job.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, jews will never get over their addiction to sympathy. They are lucky the American IRS doesn't apply the same amount of zeal going after tax cheats.

Anonymous said...

In 1837, 17000 native americans in Georgia were rounded up by federal soldiers, herded into camps (thus concentration camps) and later forced on a cruel march westwards - the notorious "Trail of Tears". Some 4000 died on this 800 mile journey to Oklahoma, and the survivors suffered from cold, hunger and disease.
Perhaps the US shouldn't be too morally superior to Germany, at least towards those born after circa 1930.

Anonymous said...

While there are still surviving members of the holocaust, I can understand the outrage against those who make light of such horror. They’re doing what speech allows them, which is to voice their opposition to speech that they feel is vile. Outside of well-read scholars, the term concentration camp is commonly associated with Nazi Germany. Perhaps in another century or so the term will reference a generality of which Germany was the most notable, or some new government atrocity that shuffles Germany to the backdrop.

Bobby said...

"Apparently, jews will never get over their addiction to sympathy."

---That's not the case at all, this is a case of political correctness, the typical "I'm offended, fire that bastard." It's the same crap that happened to Glen Beck except that in America we're more tolerant of political incorrectness.

Personally, I don't like it, I've always made jokes about "The Auschwitz Diet" among my friends. During WW2 jews told jokes about Hitler and their persecution since humor is often used to deal with tragic situations.

My favorite is: "Why did Hitler committed suicide? He got the gas bill."

What Kyle Sandilands did was comedy, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 2:27.

Anonymous said...

Jokes about the holocaust are in poor taste as other comments on this blog have shown. Yes there have been other holocausts in history. Comparisons with other countries does not not lessen the inappropriate comments from a complete idiot on Australian radio.
The term 'shock jock' does not entitle flipancy to other peoples sensetivites.

McNasty said...

"The term 'shock jock' does not entitle flipancy to other peoples sensetivites."

These "sensitive" people ought to get over theirselves. Yes it was a tragedy but it get over it. I've been in a wheelchair for the last 26 years and I've been called everything from handicapped to alter-abled. Nope, I'm freaking crippled. Big deal. some folks just like to bitch & whine.

A. Realist said...

To McNasty,


Bobby said...

"The term 'shock jock' does not entitle flipancy to other peoples sensetivites."

---Buddy, they're not called "sensitive jock", it's their job to shock people, that's why people listen to them. If they want PC crap they can listen to NPR.

Anonymous said...

Let's think about this. Someone listens to a 'shock jock' (by thew way, where's NOW on this one? Aren't women capable of offending, too?) and then get mad when they get 'shock'ed? What they hell were they expecting?

Anonymous said...

So, did you hear the one about the Jew in the concentration camp?

Anonymous said...

Which one in which camp?