Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Must not call a Malay a monkey?

Retired footballer and Australian TV commentator in trouble over "monkey" comparison
"Sam Newman is embroiled in another race controversy after saying a Malaysian man was a "monkey" who's "not long out of the forest" on The Footy Show.

Newman made the remarks during his Sam's Mailbag segment, which featured an item about a 107-year-old Malaysian woman, Wook Kundor, marrying for the 23rd time. He held up a photo of Kundor and her husband Muhammad Noor Che Musa, 37, and described him as a "monkey".

Newman's comments clearly shocked Carlton forward Brendan Fevola, a panelist on Thursday night's show, who said, "you can't call him a monkey". Newman later said, "This isn't going to Malaysia, is it?"


Malays are East Asians with somewhat darker skin than more Northerly East Asians but I have never heard of them being referred to as monkeys. I think Newman was just referring to the appearance of that one particular Malay. I have known some monkey-like whites in my time. But the speech police have obviously made all references to monkeys risky -- though you can call GWB a "chimp", of course.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure John. Did you watch the Media Watch story - complete with video - on this last night? Newman silently compared the Malay guy with Serena Williams. Have a look. Then tell me if you think he was just commenting "on one particular Malay". "Speech police" my arse. Anyone with decency should want to see that this repeatedly offensive idiot is out of a job at Nine.