Sunday, September 27, 2009

British councillor cleared of witchcraft allegation

We read:
"A Liberal Democrat has been cleared of insulting a Conservative colleague by calling her a witch - after a taxpayer-funded investigation. Pat McCloud, who represents a ward in Forest Heath district in Suffolk, was initially found guilty of accusing Cllr Lisa Chambers, 39, of witchcraft by the council’s standards committee. But the decision was overturned on appeal by the Adjudication Panel for England after an investigative process costing more than £3,000.

The controversy centred on comments that Cllr McCloud, 77, made in an email to council staff following a dispute involving the pair in a council meeting. Cllr McCloud, who felt he had been prematurely interrupted at the meeting, wrote: "How could [Cllr Chambers] possibly know what I was about to say, how could anyone know until I finished, you know they used to burn witches at the stake for having such abilities.”

Chris Hughes, chairman of the Adjudication Panel for England, said that although the comments were inadvisable, they did not constitute personal abuse.


The local Wiccans also think it's no insult to call someone a witch, funnily enough.


Anonymous said...

Further evidence that Britain is no longer part of the real world. Perhaps they should turn the whole country into one big circus, especially since it's already filled with clowns. Oh wait. It's already a circus!

Anonymous said...

You think this is ludicrous.

Try watching some Brit soap operas on the telly!

And I do not mean a debate in the house of commons!

Anonymous said...

Why did that require an investigation? How much did that cost?!!! One reading of the "offensive" statement shows that it was simple hyperbole to make a point.

SilentRunner said...

It's a shame that people in the British Isles don't enjoy freedom of speech.

God gave us vocal cords and the ability to use them. It's a God-given right to say whatever you want to say.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blasphemy Day, everyone!