Sunday, March 19, 2006

Internet Service Provider Attacked over Hosted Content

The Canadians are definitely sliding into Fascism. The internet is the last refuge for free speech but not in Canada any more. Officially disapproved speech in Canada earns penalties not only for the writer but also for his ISP. That will surely lead to massive censorship by ISPs that are accessible to Canadian law. British ISPs are of course accessible to Canadian readers and the UK government would probably co-operate with Canadian authorities in bring the operators before Canadian courts.

"For the first time in Canada, an Internet service provider has been found guilty and fined for hosting websites that spread hate messages against blacks, Jews and Muslims. In the landmark ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal yesterday, southern Ontario's white supremacy movement also took a hit, with two leaders and one group found guilty of violating the Canadian Human Rights Act and ordered to pay $8,000 in fines and compensation. The Internet service provider, Affordable Space. com, was fined $5,000."


The Dow Jones versus Gutnick defamation case established that American publishers can be brought before Australian courts to answer for what they publish in America as long as someone in Australia can read whatever was published. That precedent should now give international reach to Canadian "hate speech" law. Usually, however, the authorities in the other country would have to co-operate with the Canadian authorities to make anything happen -- and that co-operation may be doubtful where the USA is the other country.

And as far as the "hate speech" they are talking about is concerned, the same arguments apply as applied to holocaust-denier David Irving. There was very widespread agreement in Britain and the USA that he should not have been jailed for his "crimes" by the Austrians. I think the "hate-speakers" in this matter are in essentially the same position.

It should be interesting to see how this ruling affects the vast outpouring of hate speech by Muslims. Because Muslims are sacred in Canada, I am sure the Canadian authorities will simply turn a blind eye to it.


If you want to see how easy and without safeguards extradition can be in some cases, see here