Monday, March 06, 2006

Incorrect to Say you Speak English!

We read:

"Arapahoe County is threatening to fire a veteran Public Works employee for promoting the fact that he is an English speaking American..... The problems began last spring. Gray, 50, owns a lawn service business on the side. He was routinely driving to work in his pickup truck towing a trailer that he uses to carry lawn mowing equipment for his business. On the side of his trailer, the married father of two affixed a sign that reads "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American."... "There are a lot of people in the lawn service that are non-English speaking," Gray said. "Customers and different people were telling me that they have a hard time trying to communicate with them about the work they want done on their yards. I just want to let people know they at least can communicate with me when I do work on their property."


County officials accused Mr Gray of "harassment" and "discrimination". But if he had said in Spanish that he spoke Spanish that would have been fine of course. The only one being discriminated against here is Mr Gray, as far as I can see. But being white and English-speaking is pretty offensive these days it seems. It is one of those nasty things you don't mention.