Friday, February 12, 2021

Morgan Wallen's sister Ashlyne comes to his defense after the country singer was dropped by his label and 1.5K radio stations for his use of the N-word

Morgan Wallen's sister Ashlyne has come to her brother's defense after the singer landed in major hot water for being caught on camera using racist and derogatory language.

Ashlyne, 26, took to her Instagram on Friday with a lengthy statement about her older brother, 27, and the 'snowball effect of hate' he has experienced since video leaked of him using the N-word to say goodbye to friends.

She said in the post that Morgan 'has one of the biggest hearts,' and that his behavior and language choice 'did not come from a place of hate or malicious intent.'

'There are 3 things you should ever do about a mistake: admit it, learn from it, and don't repeat it,' Ashlyne began her statement.

She then called out cancel culture, saying it is 'the worst thing to come out of our digital world. It leaves no room for forgiveness and growth.'

She later added, 'I do not believe the pure hate he has received is beneficial to the situation in anyway. There is criticism he is receiving that is positive and educational -- this should continue to happen, as it will help him grow and learn from his mistake.

'But, making a comment out of pure hatred about someone that you do not personally know, based on a short clip of him at a low point in his personal life, is unwarranted.'

Ashlyne's statement comes after Morgan was suspended 'indefinitely' by label Big Loud last Wednesday.


#CancelDisneyPlus trends after Gina Carano fired from 'The Mandalorian'

The firing of outspoken actress Gina Carano from The Mandalorian over her Twitter posts sparked a galaxy-size backlash Thursday — with calls to cancel Disney+ trending online.

The former MMA fighter who played Cara Dune in the hit Star Wars-themed show was confirmed to have been booted Wednesday after a since-deleted tweet comparing the current political climate to being Jewish in Nazi Germany.

But her ousting by Lucasfilm provoked outrage among those who said it was yet another example of cancel culture run amok, with #CancelDisneyPlus quickly trending on social media as fans decided to give the streaming service a dose of their own medicine.

“Disney has cancelled @ginacarano, so I’m cancelling my @disneyplus,” The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin tweeted. “We need to stop giving these people our money and we must build new franchises.”

Paul Joseph Watson, meanwhile, said that the firing proved that “Gina Carano was completely correct” about her point about political bullying and cancel culture.

Others pointed out the hypocrisy of the move.

“Stop giving money to people who hate you,” right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec tweeted — while also noting that Disney had rehired director James Gunn despite horror over old posts he made that made light of paedophilia and rape.

“Disney rehired James Gunn but fired Gina Carano tells you everything,” he wrote.

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway shared an image proving she had cancelled her service, while Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv insisted that “Gina Carano was fired for being conservative.”

“Gina Carano’s post made the point that mass violence starts with hatred for your neighbour. This is not only uncontroversially true but also one perspective of the commandment to love your neighbour,” tweeted Katrina Haydon, an associate editor at the right-wing Daily Caller.




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