Tuesday, February 09, 2021

A Christian Prof's 'Wrongthink' on 'Transgender' Issue

The Rainbow Mafia wants a Christian English professor canceled after she dared to criticize the rationale behind Joe Biden’s recent executive order expanding Title IX protections to include so-called “transgender” individuals.

Baylor University professor Christina Crenshaw responded in agreement with a social media post by Daniel Darling, senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters, that accurately labeled Biden’s policy position on “transgenderism” as “anti-science and bad for human flourishing.” Crenshaw posted her thoughts: “But what if I don’t want my biological sons in the bathroom with my biological daughters? Do the 99% of us who do not wrestle with gender dysphoria have a voice? No? What if I told you Title IX was never meant to apply to >1% of the students over the 99%? Doesn’t matter? OK. Cool.”

Crenshaw is reportedly not teaching this spring semester. Dr. Kevin Gardner, the English department chair, said, “Dr. Crenshaw is a temporary lecturer in the English department” who “has been teaching for us off and on for several years.” There’s not yet any further information as to her future with the Southern Baptist university.

The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper, quoted Ashley Nitsche, a senior and secretary and treasurer of Gamma Alpha Upsilon, “a support group for the LGBTQ community.” Nitsche lamented Crenshaw’s post “because it eliminates another professor as one of our allies, because we have been searching for potential allies and professors for the past 10 years.” She added, “I feel confused and conflicted about all of it. I’m very worried about if any other professors at Baylor align with these ideals as well because that just means more and more supporters falling away.”

Gamma Alpha Upsilon president Emma Fraley also weighed in, ridiculously complaining, “To know that this is a person who was hired by Baylor University, they’ve given her their stamp of approval. Even if she isn’t a teacher here this semester, she was at one point, and she might be again. … We do not want this to be the sort of thing that people see Baylor as. We don’t want to be known as a transphobic university. We don’t want to be known as a homophobic university. We want to be known as a safe and loving place where we can show Christ’s love to all people.” Fraley might want to read up on what Jesus actually had to say, but we digress.

Following its first publication of the story, the Lariat issued a correction and an apology for originally describing Crenshaw’s social media post as “transphobic.” The paper changed its characterization of Crenshaw’s post to “controversial.”

It’s amazing that expressing concern that men and women should be accurately identified by their biological sex is now deemed “controversial.” And yet this is exactly what the Left and Biden’s EO is intended to do — sow division and discord. The vast majority of Americans are expected to embrace and uphold the insanity of the few or risk being canceled and labeled a bigot. Tell us again how this brings “unity.” Not only is this a threat to free speech, free thought, and religious liberty, but it’s a threat to our nation’s cultural sanity.


Must not mention differences between the sexes

A swimming blogger has slammed Speedo for 'sexist' marketing on its website, saying she 'despairs' at the brand's outdated messaging.

Sally Goble, who pens regularly writes about swimming on her Postcards from the Pool blog, called the swimwear brand's website a 'disgrace' in a series of scathing posts on social media.

The engineering manager posted photos from Speedo's UK website showing men being encouraged to rediscover their 'race pace' alongside a photo of a female swimmer with the captions 'new season, new style' and 'compliment your shape'.

A spokesperson for Speedo said it 'strongly refuted' claims of sexism.

Adressing the swimwear goliath, Goble wrote: 'I despair that this needs to be said OVER and OVER again @SpeedoUK but your sexist website is a disgrace.

'MEN are encouraged to "Rediscover your race pace" while WOMEN to "Compliment your shape [and] Feel good". What actual century do you live in?'

She added that while the images of male swimmers showed them 'standing by the blocks with goggles and hat, about (presumably) to dive in and race, whereas women are floating, inactive, (presumably) meditating rather than swimming, on top of the water, no goggles, no hat. Just F*** ***.

Others claimed they'd experienced similar sexism in sport and exercise, with one recounting how she'd been told she could attain an 'hourglass figure' with certain exercises.

However, Speedo strongly defended its website, saying: 'At Speedo we believe the water is for everyone. We make swimwear for a wide range of reasons, from racing competitively to swimming for fitness and wellbeing.

'We strongly refute any claims of sexism and our website and social media content reflects the diversity of our customers and celebrates all swimmers who enjoy the water, whatever their motivation.'


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Stan B said...

Well, since there are no "men" and "women" anymore, this woman is "TransCanceling" by complaining about what SHE sees as disparity in the way "men" and "women" are perceived.

Or maybe this is the Liberal Utopia where there are no "gender restrictions" on sport at all, and those presenting as female just realize and accept they have NO chance of competing with the male presenting individuals, and have decided meditation on the overall harmony achieved by unified sports is probably their best option....

Anonymous said...

this is what happens when the inmates take over the asylum. there would be no problem if everyone was treated equally. but each special group wants special accomodations for them over everyone else. it's simple.. XX chromosome, compete as a woman. XY compete as a man. for the tiny percentage of less than one percent who fit neither, take them on a case by case basis. bathrooms, locker rooms etc? have mal;e , female and other. problem solved.