Thursday, December 20, 2018

Princeton Students Cut ‘Misogynistic’ Little Mermaid Song

The Tigertones, a Princeton University a cappella group, perform “Kiss the Girl,” a song from The Little Mermaid, reported Campus Reform.

But not everyone’s a fan. Princeton student Noa Wollstein wrote an op-ed in the student paper calling the song “misogynistic.” Noa says that “even when gently crooned by an animated crab, the song…is more misogynistic and dismissive of consent than cute.”

She notes that a sea-witch had cursed Ariel, taking her voice away and making the mermaid unable to give verbal consent. But if you’ve seen the scene from The Little Mermaid, you’ll remember that Ariel’s expressions make her feelings pretty obvious.

Leaning in for a kiss, looking dejected when Eric backs out, giving a big ol’ goofy smile, and grabbing his hand, that doesn’t exactly look like sexual assault, folks.

But what does Noa want? Well, when the Princeton Tigertones sing “Kiss the Girl,” they pick a male and female audience member to act out the parts of Ariel and Eric. This means that they’re persuaded to kiss at the end of the song.

The student columnist says she’s seen many female students not happy with the practice and she asked the Tigertones to stop singing the song. The a cappella group complied, but here’s the thing: who’s responsible here? Peer pressure’s really annoying, don’t get me wrong, but if students at an Ivy League institution can’t even cope with that, I’m a bit worried about our next generation of leaders.



Anonymous said...

a bit worried about our next generation of leaders.

Especially if Liberals win elections.

Anonymous said...

Is this idiot saying that all mute people are unable to give consent?

Bird of Paradise said...

Hey liberal snowflake whats the difference between a Dingle Hopper and Snarf Blat Tell Me there is a certain Seagull and he knows

Stan B said...

The song "Kiss the Girl" is more astute than it actually sounds. It is an important acknowledgement that courtship doesn't always turn on the "spoken word." That's what makes it such a minefield. Girls and guys all send out all sorts of nonverbal cues, some of which are explicitly consensual, some of which are flirtatious invitations, and some of which are, unfortunately, a confused jumble of ambivalence mixed with emotional instability. Until one side or the other tactfully takes the initiative and commits to an action, we live in a Schroedinger's box of consensual waves - not sure how it will resolve.

It used to be if a man misread the signals, he could expect a smack on the face, a revulsion, and the accusation that he was "fresh."

Now, of course, he is ruined for life and a part of the cis-gender, rape-culture patriarchy, irredeemably corrupt, and worthy of ostracization for the remainder of his worthless life.

The song is a nod to the entire minefield that can be dating and courtship.

Tamaa the Dorongo said...

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