Monday, December 24, 2018

'I'm disgusted': Asian woman left horrified after worker at upmarket Manhattan hair salon chain describes her as 'c****y e**s' on a client ticket

The comment  was apparently intended to be private

A New York woman of Asian descent was shocked when a hair salon used an offensive racial slur to describe her on a client docket.

On Monday Briana Tae, 26, attended a Drybar outlet in Manhattan as she was preparing for her nursing school's pinning ceremony.

However she was stunned when she saw what was written about her on a slip called 'The Tab' which is used between employees at the salon.

Under a heading labelled 'Description of client', an employee had written 'c****y e**s' in reference to Tae.

Tae, who attends New York University's nursing school, was disappointed to see the inappropriate comment and walked over to ask the receptionist about it.

'She could not understand why it was an issue and why it was highly inappropriate to write such a description.

'She tried to make me feel somewhat better by saying she had c****y e**s too,' Tae wrote.

On Thursday the company posted a statement on Instagram apologizing for the incident and saying it does not tolerate racism.

In the post, the company confirmed that it terminated the employee involved in the incident.



Anonymous said...

Poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

People tend to get "horrified" much to easily these days. Yes, it was a bad comment to make. Get over it! I have a very German surname that gets made fun of all the time. I just roll with it.