Thursday, December 13, 2018

Head of communications for Grindr resigns after the company's president says he believes marriage is between man and woman

An executive for Grindr - the largest queer dating app in the world - has resigned just weeks after the company's president said marriage is between a man and woman.

Landon Rafe Zumwalt, the head of communications for Grindr, made the announcement in an open letter shared on Medium.

'As an out and proud gay man madly in love with a man I don't deserve, I refused to compromise my own values or professional integrity to defend a statement that goes against everything I am and everything I believe,' Zumwalt wrote.

'While that resulted in my time at Grindr being cut short, I have absolutely no regrets. And neither should you.'

Zumwalt was referring to a Facebook post shared last month by the company's president, Scott Chen.

In the post, Chen said: 'There are people who believe that marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman. I agree but that's none of our business.

'There are also people who believe that the purpose of marriage is to create children that carry their DNA. That's also none of our business,' Chen added.

Chen also wrote in the now-deleted post that 'there are people that are simply different from you, who desperately want to get married. They have their own reasons'.

According to an article by INTO, Chen had shared the post on his personal Facebook page to call out Cher Wang, the president and CEO of HTC, whose non-profits backed anti-LGBTQ groups in the US that organized to influence Taiwan's referendum on same-sex marriage.

Chen wrote that marriage is a 'personal thing' and encouraged the rich to the poor or those who are suffering from war'.

'Why spend all that money to stop people who love each other from getting married? Aren't there more important stuff in life?' he asked in the post.



Anonymous said...

Homosexuals want to get "married" only to validate their perverse behavior.

Bird of Paradise said...

Let them go and live in the Middle East where when two gay men are caught smooching their taken to the tops of tall buildings and thrown off

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.
He seemed to be saying that while he agreed with the traditional notion of marriage, he did not think anyone should stop anyone else from marrying - gay, straight or something in between.
Why would anyone find that objectionable?