Thursday, December 20, 2018

Confederate Statue Torn Down And Now UNC Out Millions

Protesters at the University of North Carolina tore down a Confederate statue in August.

Present at the protest was UNC graduate student Maya Little, who previously smeared a mixture of what she claimed was paint and her own blood onto the statue and just got charged again this month with assault of an officer and inciting a riot, reported Campus Reform. It’s a cliche at this point, but this sure does drive home the whole “jobs not mobs” slogan. Except…for the poor employees tasked with cleaning up the mess made by these adult children.

From June 2017 to June 2018, before it was torn down, UNC spent over $390,000 protecting the Silent Sam statue from protesters. That money could have covered tuition for about 11 out-of-state or 43 in-state students. It was during this same period that 17 anonymous UNC professors wrote the school, threatening to rip down the Confederate statue themselves. They said:

“We do not fear arrest, indeed we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the commitment that the Carolina faculty has to the wellbeing of its students and the principles that make this university great.”

You know, principles like cultural Marxism. Now here’s the thing: UNC Chancellor Carol Folt would love to scrub her hands of this matter completely, even if by the kind of savage mob justice we just witnessed. But a 2015 North Carolina law forbids her from removing Silent Sam from campus. So to comply with the law, the school proposed creating a new building for the monument on the outer part of campus.

The cost of this building? Five…million…dollars. That’s in-state tuition for more than 500 students. You know, something tells me that some of these Silent Sam protesters are the same individuals complaining about tuition costs. I’m also betting that the irony escapes them completely.



Anonymous said...

the irony escapes them completely.

They probably do not even know what irony means.

Bird of Paradise said...

Make the stupid protesters who pulled it down pay from their own pockets make these jerks pay the price for their vandalism after all if you do the damage you should eb made to pay for it and no stupid whining