Thursday, September 07, 2017

Rider is ‘gutted and disappointed’ after Cycling Weekly publishes her photograph with the caption ‘token attractive woman’

A female cyclist said she was 'absolutely gutted and disappointed' after Cycling Weekly captioned a picture of her 'token attractive woman'.

The magazine was forced to apologise today after the 'idiotic' wording appeared underneath a picture of Hannah Noel, a member of the Hinckley Cycling Race Club in Leicester.

Ms Noel wrote on Facebook: 'So today I made it into Cycling Weekly, it seems not for my ability as a female cyclist but as a "Token attractive woman". 'I'm absolutely gutted and disappointed in the magazine.'

The farce sparked fury on social media, with many demanding an apology and some even claiming to have cancelled their subscriptions. 

The magazine's editor Simon Richardson apologised for the 'idiotic' farce, which was blamed on a sub-editor.


It sounded like a compliment to me


Anonymous said...

Some people are just oh so sensitive.

Bird of Paradise said...

So cry me a river pathetic little snowflake your just upset becuase mommy and daddy sold your playpen your safe space

Anonymous said...

The "token" part isn't attractive - it's just rude and demeaning!

Anonymous said...

Almost certainly it was a jokey place-holder that a sub-editor put in - and then someone forgot to fix it before publication.
Embarrassing and silly, but hardly the end of the world.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Real men drive trucks or family vans they ride motorcycles and horses and they have meat in every meal little snowflakes ride big red bicycles(Like Pee Wee Hermin)eat vegan meals and wear pink pussy hats

Anonymous said...

BoP and Sockpuppet Spurwing wrote::

ittle snowflakes ride big red bicycles(Like Pee Wee Hermin)eat vegan meals and wear pink pussy hats

There are several obvious things to deduce from your rant:
1) Your ignorance of cycling is close to your ignorance of English grammar and spelling. That's a low bar and yet you managed to meet it.
2) If you need to have a truck or eat meat to be a "real man," you need penis enhancement surgery. (Of course, living in your mom's basement will do that to you.)
3) If your choice of food determines your manhood, I would have to wonder how you like your tofu burger prepared?

Go out and try a century ride sometime. Try one with some hills or a mountain. You'll be left in the dust along the side of the road with the other discarded pieces of trash that people throw out the window of their cars.