Friday, September 15, 2017

Poll: Over half of Calif. Democrats in favor of free speech restrictions

Fascism runs deep in the Left

A recent poll conducted by UC Berkeley reveals that over half of California Democrats are in favor of free speech restrictions for white nationalists and other "hate groups."

According to the poll, 53 percent of the state's Democrats believe that white nationalists should not have the right to demonstrate, compared to 42 percent of the state's Republicans and 39 percent of independent voters.

Statewide, 46 percent of voters support free speech restrictions, 43 percent believe that there should be no restrictions, and 11 percent have no opinion.

The poll was conducted by Berkeley's Institute of Government Studies from Aug. 27 to Sept. 5, and included 1,200 registered California voters.

"I would have thought the liberals would be defending the right to demonstrate in general," the poll's director, Mark DiCamillo, told the San Jose Mercury News.

Sixty-six percent of the participants also believe that race relations have worsened in the past year, and 67 percent have "little to no confidence" in President Donald Trump's "ability to handle the country's race relations."

Forty percent of white participants were in favor of restricting the free speech of white nationalists, compared to 51 percent of Latino participants, 58 percent of African American participants and 59 percent of Asian American participants.

UC Berkeley will be hosting conservative speaker Ben Shapiro on Thursday night, and Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon will give on-campus speeches later this month as part of the currently unsanctioned "Free Speech Week."



Anonymous said...

Sixty-six percent of the participants also believe that race relations have worsened in the past year

Yes and that is almost entirely due to efforts of Liberals to preach hate.

Some idiots want to use freedom to restrict the freedom of others who do not follow their stupid ideas.

Use the Name, Luke said...

This poll was biased, looking for a specific result. Here's the actual question asked:

"White nationalist groups have held a growing number of protests recently focused on U.S. race relations. Which of the following best represents your view about these types of demonstrations? (1) We have gone too far in allowing these groups to carry out these types demonstrations, which can increase racial tensions and lead to violence or (2) We should not restrict the ability of groups to carry out these types of demonstrations, which are guaranteed under our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly."

Bird of Paradise said...

And this is the same party that Hollywood Airhead Julia Roberts said was Of the People,By the People,For the People which just proves that too many years in Hollywood makes you stupider then a sack of rocks