Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Must not portray blacks as having dark skin

IPI recently featured a political cartoon of a black child sitting against a wall on a city street. The child, wearing a school backpack and a Cubs cap, is holding a sign that says “Need Money 4 School.” An evil, rich white man with a cigar is walking past. The wealthy villain snidely says to the child, “Sorry, kid, I’m broke,” exposing his empty right pocket while hiding the fact that his left pocket is overflowing with cash earmarked “TIF” (“tax increment financing,” a public financing scheme very popular among Chicago’s corrupt politerati). The IPI’s point with the cartoon was that Chicago schools don’t need a government bailout because politicians are already sitting on a stash of TIF money.

Yes, it’s the worst thing ever. The black child’s skin is darker than the white guy’s skin, and his lips are fuller. This is the sole reason the cartoon was declared racist. This is the sole reason the story dominated Illinois politics for a week, and why it was picked up by the AP and The Washington Post. A black child in a political cartoon was depicted as looking black.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel blasted the drawing as a “disgrace” and “unambiguously racist” (the mayor’s definition of “unambiguous” might need a little fine-tuning). State rep Carol Ammons, who is black, tweeted “Imagine being a child of color and seeing this depiction of you as you return for a new school year” (you mean, a depiction of a cartoon black kid? The horror!). The entire Illinois House—Democrats and Republicans alike—spent an entire day making speeches denouncing the cartoon.



Anonymous said...

The entire Illinois House—Democrats and Republicans alike—spent an entire day making speeches denouncing the cartoon.

Do they ever do anything useful ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:24 - That is probably the most useful session they've had in a decade. The real question is why do we need so many people writing new laws full time or part time?

After the basics have been covered there's no need for so many people working all the time to write new laws, there are so many laws now that an average person cannot follow them at all and that's not even considering the reams of regulations being put into place by bureaucrats.

Bird of Paradise said...

Q. What do you call a basement full of liberals? A. A whine cellar

Dean said...

Really? They spent all day making speeches about a cartoon? Ah well, at least they were doing something other than making life more difficult for the people of Illinois.

Stan B said...

When the substance of an argument cannot be argued - that is, the government cannot truly come up with a reason schools are so bad, or why they cannot fund them better - they must attack the form! They have to attack the form! Really, I mean such bad form!

God forbid they admit to the substance, because that would just make them all look bad.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whats wrong with this cartoon? Nothing at all its just some snowflakes have to have something to whine about