Monday, September 04, 2017

'It Ain't Coming Down': Joe Piscopo Fires Back at Columbus Circle Statue Protesters

Radio host and "Saturday Night Live" alum Joe Piscopo fired back at those who see New York's Christopher Columbus statue as a symbol of oppression and want it taken down.

Piscopo, a Passaic, N.J. native who often played fellow Italian-American New Jerseyan Frank Sinatra on "SNL", said he and many people he knows are "proud Italian-Americans."

He recalled how his grandparents came over from Italy and instilled in him a love for their new country.

"This is America. Learn it, live it," he said. "They worked so hard - they've been prejudiced against.


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Bird of Paradise said...

These anti-colubus nit-wits which have been going on since about 1992 tend to think that the new world wasa prestine paradise in 1491 and the varioous tribes co-existsed nothing could be further from the truth but the liberal left are not interested in the truth just rewriting history to suit their own leftists views maybe they need to remove the Che statue from Central Park its dedicated to a mass murderer and commmunists scumball and the quetzakcuatyle idol in San Diego its dedicated to a pagan tribe(The Aztecs)who commited bloody acts of human sacrifice