Friday, September 01, 2017

Antifa is a result of speech tyranny

Antifa is not you're friend, they are not liberals, they are not conservatives, they are off-season black block anarchists and communists. As fast as they'd beat a "nazi"(and they certainly aren't always right in picking them out) they will assault anyone filming them, journalists they feel aren't covering them right, anyone they deem as "counter-revolutionary". You're either with us or against us, and we will NEVER be on your side, only attempt to convince you and the people in your movement violent revolution is inevitable.

They don't have the interests of "liberty" in mind in any way, especially the communists. This isn't a group that should be idolized or praised.

On the other hand some people are shocked by images of antifa activists beating up normal, peaceful right-wing protesters in Berkeley or physically shoving right-wing people off Boston Common.

Why? This is what happens when you tell an entire generation that other people's ideas are dangerous, that their speech is toxic, that their words can wound you and traumatise you: you invite that generation to shut people down, to use any means necessary to ensure "dangerous" ideas are not expressed and do not cause injury to people's self-esteem or sense of safety.

We are starting to see what happens when speech is talked about as a form of violence: it green-lights actual violence against certain forms of speech. If speech is violence, shouldn't it be met with violence? Antifa looks increasingly like the militant wing of Safe Space fanaticism, the bastard offspring of a culture that elevates mental safety over intellectual liberty, and people's feelings over public freedom.

That's what we should really be at war with, people on the right and left that want to take away people's freedoms. Anyone that celebrate's antifa's actions is effectively willing to trade freedom and liberty for a VERY false and very fleeting sense of safety. Anyone that would celebrate facism, racism or white supremacy is doing the same.



Dean said...

The only difference between the KKK and Antifa is the color of the hoods they wear. Both use violence and fear to obtain social / political goals. Both are terrorist groups that should not be tolerated by anyone.

Bird of Paradise said...

and the KKK was founded by the Demacacrats the late Robert Byrd was a Imperial Lizard in the KKK and antifa are as well as the KKK as welll as BLM and the NBPP should be listen as Domestic Terrorists just like the Weather Underground and the SLA and universities campuses as well are training grounds for antifa scum